happyfaceGuys, I’m checking in today with the point of the WHOLE thing.  The reason this site exists.  It’s simple.  How happy I am today vs. how miserable I was just a VERY short time ago.  That happiness differential woke me up to the fact that MANY men were living lives of misery.  Or at least being substantially less happy than they could be.  The differential was so large, and so “relatively” easy to obtain, I couldn’t help but think that I could help other men on their journey as well.  It’s become my passion.  Hell, some might say obsession, but we’ll let all the “averages” out there think what they want.  What I care about are you guys and your happiness.  

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Maybe you know my fat loss story, or maybe you don’t.  I’ll give you the short version because it’s extremely important to the development of the man I am today.  You see, I “woke up” one day about 300 LBS of sack of lazy.  I had victim mentality and everything was everyone else’s fault.  Including how out of shape I was.  

But, like I said, I WOKE UP and went to work.  I found a diet I could stick to (The Alpha Within Fat Loss Diet) and got up early every day for cardio (The Alpha Within Cardio Guide). I lost 70 lbs of Fat in just about a year.

So what, you may ask.  I mean, that’s pretty awesome, but that just changed the way you look.  Well, it did more than that.  It opened my eyes for the very first time that I had control over EVERYTHING in my life.  Losing weight had previously been an impossible dream, but here I was down to a very happy and fit 220 LBS.  (My college football playing weight).  Suddenly ANYTHING was possible!

So, I started taking stock in every area of my life.  It didn’t take me long to realize that I wasn’t happy.  Not in the least, but the cool thing was that I KNEW I had control of my situation.  

My marriage had deteriorated to the point where BOTH of us were miserable.  I needed more freedom than I was allowed, so I took my power back and dumped the dominant, controlling wifey.

Of course you know we talk A LOT about how to get women.  This “having sex” thing seems to be pretty important for most men.  Regardless of the bullshit societal programming that exists trying to make men feel bad for having this “need.”  I searched my soul, and made the decision to stop giving a fuck about what anyone thought, I LOVE sex and, generally speaking, want to have it as often as possible.  BUT I also love my freedom! So, I put my mind to work and learned how to GET GOOD WITH WOMEN.

This “having sex” thing seems to be pretty important to most men

So, the point of the whole thing is being happy.  Yes, we teach guys how to get into shape and build muscle.  Yes, we teach men how to “get good with women.”  That’s because these things are the FOUNDATIONS.  They’re what the rest of your total happiness can be built upon.  Well, that and MONEY.  (fortunately I already have a very good job).  Maybe I’ll make a mint on this whole “helping dudes get laid” thing, or maybe I’ll never see a red cent.  Either way, as long as I ACTUALLY help some men out there do what I’ve done, I’ll consider myself a success.  

So, what exactly have I done?  As I sit here and write this today (age 39), I’m as fit and BETTER looking than I ever was in my 20’s.  I currently have THREE “relationships” with women that easily fulfill my sexual needs WITHOUT infringing on my FREEDOM to do what the fuck I want, when the fuck I want to do it.

The bottom line is this;  through TAKING ACTION, and consistent effort, I’ve taken my happiness (on a scale of 1 to 10) from maybe about a 4, to a fairly steady 8 or 9.  But that really doesn’t do the feeling justice.  The truth is, there’s simply no way for me to adequately explain it in words.  You owe it to yourself to experience it for yourself.  The future you will thank you for doing so.

Until then, here’s to being THE MAN!


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