20161002_054241You think you know, but you don’t.  You’ve heard all the reasons.  You’ve heard all the explanations in popular media.  You’ve read your favorite health/fitness blogs & articles in magazines.  You’ve probably found yourself on several different bodybuilding websites after doing numerous Google searches.  The conclusions are always the same.  Something along the lines of modern life making “food” easily accessible & hard physical work a thing of the past.  Something with the tone of,FAT people simply eat too much (too many calories) & don’t get enough exercise (are too lazy).

 You’re frustrated.  All the information (mis-information?) out there is geared toward weight loss for people that are already in some form of shape. I.e. bodybuilders/fitness types.  How many times have you read all contradictory points from different “experts?”

  1. Low intensity cardio is best for fat loss (i.e. walking)
  2. Moderate intensity is best for fat loss (i.e. jogging)
  3. HIIT cardio is best for fat loss (i.e. sprinting)
  4. Zero cardio is needed for fat loss (i.e. you should weight train because muscle burns more calories than fat & cardio will burn MUSCLE!)
  5. Low fat diets are healthy & needed for fat loss.  You should eat lots of “healthy” whole grains
  6. Low carb diets are best for fat loss, but they only work because you are restricting calories (i.e. you can eat what you want & still lose weight if you control the quantity of food you eat) Ever hear of the Twinkie diet?
  7. You need carbohydrates in your diet because you will lose muscle without them
  8. The scale doesn’t lie
  9. The scale is a horrible indicator because you don’t know if you are losing muscle or fat.
  10. You should eat 6 meals per day (because it stokes the “metabolic fire”)
  11. You should only eat 1 or 2 big meals per day (intermittent fasting)

The really horrible thing is that even though all that shit is technically correct for SOME PEOPLE, if you’re “fat,” there’s a damn good chance it isn’t correct for YOU.

So why did your last diet & exercise plan fail?  Were you just too lazy & didn’t have the willpower to stick to your low fat diet?  Just too much of a glutton that you couldn’t stop stuffing your face? Too stupid to turn off Oprah & get off the damn couch?

I went a LOT of years believing that type of shit. In addition, I felt like I drew the short straw in the genetic lottery because BOTH my parents are obese. I had horrible self esteem about my weight because I bought into the mainstream thinking (& common bodybuilding/fitness advice) that all it takes is willpower to get up off my fat ass & make a change.

Make no mistake about it, obesity is an epidemic.  It is a MAJOR medical condition that is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.  If you’re obese, you are at serious risk of DYING.  Like fast.  Any minute.  You literally might not make it to the end of this article.  It’s THAT serious.

But, I’m not telling you anything you don’t know.  It may even seem like I’m just here trying to fear monger you into doing something that you’ve tried & failed at 1000 times before.  You know what I’m talking about – Diet & exercise.

Ah yes, it’s the same old shit.  But before you click off the page, I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  That little secret is that you CAN & will succeed with your weight loss goals.  In fact, it’s going to be super simple & it’s going to change your life in ways you can’t even begin to imagine.

So what’s the game changer?


It’s a little hormone that when it gets out of whack, causes SERIOUS issues in your ability to regulate your body’s energy system.  I’m not going to get all scientific & geeky with how all this works.  I’m going to explain it in VERY basic, easy to understand terms, because frankly, you don’t really need to know how your body works as much as you need to know what to do about it.  But, with that said, it is still an important concept to get the gist of.

Every time you consume sugar of any kind (yes even “healthy” fruit & fruit juices), & carbohydrates of any kind (yes even “healthy” whole grains), your body converts that “food” into an instant energy source called glucose.  Glucose (AKA Blood Sugar) needs to be transported out of the bloodstream immediately, & there are only a few things your body can do with it.

  1. Use it for immediate energy demands
  2. Store it in muscle or liver tissue
  3. Store it as body fat

You can think of it like this; All carbs are sugar.  Sugar drives blood sugar. Blood sugar drives INSULIN.

In response to the spike in blood sugar from sugar/carbs you eat, your body produces INSULIN.

So what? Isn’t that what’s supposed to happen when you ingest food?  Why yes, yes it is.  Insulin itself isn’t “bad,” but over exposure causes problems.

Here’s the definition of what insulin does from http://www.news-medical.net/health/What-is-Insulin.aspx with my comments in red.

What does insulin do?

Insulin has several broad actions including:

  • It causes the cells in the liver, muscle, and fat tissue to take up glucose from blood and convert it to glycogen that can be stored in the liver and muscles (problem is your muscles & liver are already full of glycogen from constant overfeeding of sugar/carbs so there’s no room left there)
  • Insulin also prevents the utilization of fat (body fat) as an energy source. In absence of insulin, or in conditions where insulin is low, glucose is not taken up by body cells, and the body begins to use fat (body fat) as an energy source

There it is kids! There’s the million dollar answer to why you’re FAT.


So, now you should be getting an idea of WHY you are fat, but it gets worse.  Chronic over-consumption of foods high in carbohydrates keeps your blood sugar levels also chronically elevated.  This puts you into an almost constant state of HIGH insulin levels.  High insulin levels keep almost ALL the nutrients you ingest going directly into fat storage & NOT allowing your body to burn that fat for energy.

This means you are literally starving to death.  When you are starving to death, your body is going to SCREAM at you for more food.  This is NOT something that can be ignored, or fought off with “willpower.”  This is an emergency situation that demands action.  You MUST eat or you will die.  The problem is you then eat another meal or snack that is HIGH in carbohydrates/sugar, causing the whole chain reaction/snowball effect.  You can see the ENDLESS cycle that this leads to.

Now, I’m here to tell you that this is a VERY simple cycle to break.  In fact, when you do the things you need to do to break this cycle; you are going to find yourself finally feeling full & content.  You are going to start to FEEL much better & LESS hungry.  Body fat will literally drip off you faster than you ever imagined possible.

I can hear you screaming at the screen, “Tell me how to break the cycle already!!!!” 

Here’s the answer:  What you put in your mouth determines how much insulin your body produces.  All you need to do is take control of the QUALITY & TYPE of food you are eating.  No calorie restriction or counting (although I recommend using a calorie tracking app such as MyFitnessPal) simply for educational purposes & being able to track your carb intake.

Originally, I included TheAlphaWithin Fat Loss Diet and TheAlphaWithin Cardio Guide as part of the downloadable product.  Basically, I was selling it as part of the package, BUT because fat loss has been such a HUGE part of my transformation, AND because getting into good shape is VITALLY important, not just to success with women, but to your overall health and happiness as well, I decided I couldn’t, in good conscious, keep it to myself just to make a dollar.

It is THAT important to me to share this information with as many people who need it. With this diet you are going to find yourself finally feeling full & content.  You are going to start to FEEL much better & LESS hungry.  Body fat will literally drip off you faster than you ever imagined possible.



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