This is going to be an important one today.  The “salesman” metaphor fits VERY well within the scope of “game,” or “pick up.”  Nearly every single one of us has had the experience of being sold something, so it’s a reference of common ground to which we can all relate. Isn’t game or pick up just another form of selling yourself?  Kinda like a job interview for sex?   Continue reading “ARE YOU A SALESMAN?”


Sorry, Not Sorry


“I’m Sorry” has become the default response for men in modern society.  We’ve been programmed to believe that most of the things that truly make us happy in life are somehow “bad” or “wrong.”  That we’re selfish assholes for even having the feelings that we have.  This programming has become so powerful over the years of our lives that we ourselves have come to ACTUALLY believe this is true. Continue reading “Sorry, Not Sorry”

Sex, Sex, Sex.



Wow.  I don’t know how this isn’t PLAINLY obvious to us dudes, but it’s come to my attention that many of us simply can not grasp WHY sex is so important.

On the surface, it can seem pretty shallow.  There are many more fulfilling and important things that contribute to a person’s overall happiness than the act of coitus.  A few that come to mind off the top of my head are Health, spirituality, helping others, love, and companionship.  The list could go on and on, and of course will vary slightly from individual to individual.

Here’s where the problem arises.   Continue reading “Sex, Sex, Sex.”



If you live in the US, you should be well aware by now that we do not live in a “free” country.  Taxes, political corruption by special interest groups, and mainstream media do an awesome job of keeping us slaves to the system.  Of course most of us are slaves to our job, and at the very least “have” to be certain places at certain times even if we don’t really want to be.  Yes, we all have to abide by the laws of the land, or risk our freedom being taken from us.  We all trade some part of ourselves for something we deem worth it.   Continue reading “Freedom!”

Get Uncomfortable

Holy Shit! Have I got a good one for you guys today.  There’s a disease going around society today, & it’s killing men on an epidemic rate.  Don’t worry, your “life” is safe.  I mean, if you want to call it that.  This plague targets our souls, & slowly sucks away our reason for being.  The death trap is none other than COMFORT.


What’s so wrong with being comfortable you might ask?  I mean, who doesn’t love watching the game in their favorite Laz-E-Boy?  What about those well worn in Levi’s jeans?  Isn’t there something soul soothing about ordering your favorite dish at your favorite restaurant where your favorite barkeep knows your favorite drink?  Well, that’s not exactly the type of “comfort” to which i’m referring.  What I’m talking about is something entirely different.  I’m talking about ACCEPTING what is (comfort) for what you want (happiness). Continue reading “Get Uncomfortable”