Get Uncomfortable

Holy Shit! Have I got a good one for you guys today.  There’s a disease going around society today, & it’s killing men on an epidemic rate.  Don’t worry, your “life” is safe.  I mean, if you want to call it that.  This plague targets our souls, & slowly sucks away our reason for being.  The death trap is none other than COMFORT.


What’s so wrong with being comfortable you might ask?  I mean, who doesn’t love watching the game in their favorite Laz-E-Boy?  What about those well worn in Levi’s jeans?  Isn’t there something soul soothing about ordering your favorite dish at your favorite restaurant where your favorite barkeep knows your favorite drink?  Well, that’s not exactly the type of “comfort” to which i’m referring.  What I’m talking about is something entirely different.  I’m talking about ACCEPTING what is (comfort) for what you want (happiness).

You see, you have a choice.  If you can very honestly & objectively look at your life how it is right now & say you are completely happy, sure, you can go ahead & accept the comfort that you enjoy.  BUT, if there’s anything, and I mean ANYTHING, that you feel is lacking in the happiness department, you had better get used to being UNCOMFORTABLE.  

In fact, it’s this feeling of being uncomfortable that is your real life feedback to indicate that progress is being made. I can tell you from personal experience, not only should we get used to feeling “uncomfortable,” but we should EMBRACE the feeling.  A few real world examples from common men’s self improvement goals below.

You are fat & desire to be more attractive to the opposite sex by losing weight.  

Well, it doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to recognize that changing your diet is going to lead to a little discomfort.  Hitting the gym for the first time in years? Yep, that’s going to be uncomfortable.  It’s going to be uncomfortable when all your buddies are looking at you like you’re from Mars when you tell them that you are only eating steak & eggs for every meal.  

It’s going to be uncomfortable when you “feel” all those muscleheads doing bicep curls in the mirror at the gym scoffing at your fat ass huffing & puffing on the treadmill.  People are going to judge you.  They’re going to “question” you.  They’re going to laugh at you behind your back.  

All this to say, that yes, it’s going to be quite UNCOMFORTABLE.  But so the fuck what?  If you are comfortable you should be EXACTLY where you LEGITIMATELY want to be with your physique.  Until you can look at yourself in the mirror & honestly say, “I’m there,” you’re going to be uncomfortable.

You are a male & as such desire to have sex with actual women.  

Come on, I don’t have to tell you how uncomfortable approaching a woman is, much less a “first date.”  Wow, this is UNCOMFORTABLE shit.  AND I’m not even talking about the way most men want this operation to work (lots of sex, little to no financial commitment, & maintenance of freedom).  Even the conventional (I need a girlfriend to get laid) way of getting to sex is uncomfortable enough.  But keep in mind, I’m talking about what you ACTUALLY desire, & if most of us are honest, we don’t want to give up our freedom to some woman in exchange for sex.  

It’s so common in this day & age for people to mistake “being comfortable” for being HAPPY.  But, ALPHA’s don’t give a fuck about comfort.  We decide what we WANT (happiness) & we AGGRESSIVELY pursue it.


Until then, here’s to being THE MAN


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