Sorry, Not Sorry


“I’m Sorry” has become the default response for men in modern society.  We’ve been programmed to believe that most of the things that truly make us happy in life are somehow “bad” or “wrong.”  That we’re selfish assholes for even having the feelings that we have.  This programming has become so powerful over the years of our lives that we ourselves have come to ACTUALLY believe this is true.

I’ll be the first to admit, this was something I had become accustomed to over the years.  I honestly had never given the subject any thought.  Like I said, DEFAULT response.  And not just to women.  Anyone with any complaint (even if not about me) got my apology.  Forget about those people whom I unintentionally “wronged” in some way.  I was practically on my knees begging for forgiveness.

What’s the problem with apologizing to someone you might think?  What harm is there in trying to make them feel a bit better about their situation, or letting them know you acknowledge that you have hurt their feelings?  

Well, the problem is this;  People are pussies.  Almost EVERYONE gets upset about any little thing that happens to them in their life.  Hell, it doesn’t even have to be happening to THEM directly for them to be upset about it.  Scroll your facebook newsfeed and you’re bound to see limitless rants about somebody being offended by something somewhere.  Now take all that negativity that exists (even in your social circle) and take responsibility for it.  

You can see how this is a horrible idea.  You should be able to see how your own SELF WORTH will begin to suffer for this.

The truth of the matter is this;  most of the time, even when you have UNINTENTIONALLY wronged someone directly, you did so be going through life trying to do what you wanted.  You already know that the biggest KEY to being ALPHA is to “do what you want.”  So, why on earth would you ACTUALLY be sorry for that?  During your journey into manhood you are bound to step on toes, piss people off, or offend somebody here and there.  But dude, it’s their problem, not yours.

It may sound a little harsh, and it may seem like I’m just advocating being a complete prick.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  As MEN, we take full responsibility for our actions.  If I TRULY hurt someone I care about, and they are due an apology, I give them a sincere one and hope for forgiveness.  But as for people in everyday life who I happen to offend in some way, fuck em.  They can get over it, or bitch about it to their other loser friends.  

As far as breaking the “I’m sorry” habit, it’s time you put some focus on it.  Watch out for it.  Any time you sense those words coming on, stop and think, do I REALLY owe this person an apology?  Am I REALLY sorry?  Did I REALLY do anything wrong?  If the answer to those questions is NO, don’t say it.  Don’t FEEL it.  

That’s what this article is truly about.  By breaking the chump habit of constantly saying “I’m sorry,” you are going to start to FEEL less and less bad about doing the things you WANT to do.  The things that help make you HAPPY.

Until next time, here’s to being THE MAN!


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