How To Build a Harem In 8 Easy Steps


Today I’m sharing with you a simple process to start building up your base of fuck buddies. With this process, you can literally get as many FB’s as you can handle, AND it can be done in a relatively short period of time.  This is EXACTLY what I did to build my own “harem,” and like I always say, if I can do it, anyone can. Continue reading “How To Build a Harem In 8 Easy Steps”


What To Do If She Stops Texting You Back


Stop being a pussy, and leave her the fuck alone.

You’ve already fucked shit up by being a “text buddy.”  By being too available, you’ve communicated to her that you really don’t have anything better going on in your life.  You’ve already proven that you are a man of “low value.”

High value men, don’t have time to sit around and “chit chat” with women.  They are busy busting ass on life’s challenges, working on their mission, or leading an interesting life.

There are exactly TWO reasons to text a woman. Continue reading “What To Do If She Stops Texting You Back”

How To Be Motivated

  1. the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.

Another way to put it:

  1. the “thing” that makes a “person” want to take an “action.”

Let’s dig a little deeper into this “thing” called motivation.  You could say motivation is the difference between high achievers and lazy fucks.  The difference between those of us who accomplish goals and others who simply don’t/can’t/won’t.

So the deeper question becomes why do some of us “have it,” and others don’t?  Is it possible to get if we don’t have it now?  If so, how the fuck do we get it? Is it really necessary for success, or can I achieve goals with some kind of substitute for motivation? Continue reading “How To Be Motivated”

The Power of ONE Goal

focusWe all have hopes, dreams, and desires.  Everybody has some kind of idea of a better life just waiting around the corner for them.  All they need to do is (fill in the blank) and they will be at least a little bit happier than they were before.

The problem sometimes is it’s tough to pinpoint that ONE area of life to focus our efforts.  It can seem like there are so many areas in which we are lacking.  As men, maybe you really want to get better with women so you can be more sexually fulfilled.  Maybe you want to start your own business so you can have more freedom.  Maybe you are not happy with how your body looks.  You can probably identify with all those things, and sometimes just picking one is harder than it seems. Continue reading “The Power of ONE Goal”

No More Mr. Nice Guy?

mrniceguyHow many times have we heard it?  Nice guys finish last.  Chicks dig assholes.  Hell, maybe you’ve even thought there was no way you could ever be good with women because you are legitimately a REALLY nice dude.  And there’s no way you could ever act like that jerkwad just to get laid.  I mean, it wouldn’t be anywhere close to the type of person you REALLY are inside.  Shouldn’t you find a woman who likes the “real you” anyway?

Ok, ok I get it, you’re Mr. Nice guy.  You’re a caring and gentle soul who is sensitive to other peoples feelings.  You bend over backwards to avoid conflict of any kind because, let’s be honest, it makes you really uncomfortable.  Guess what.  So am I.

Listen up Pleasant Pete, today I’ve got some good news for you.  You CAN be a nice guy AND be good with women.  You don’t have to put on some mask, or pretend to be something you’re not, and you certainly don’t have to be a dick.  In fact, I’ll contend, if you can overcome a few of the CHUMP tendencies that you have ingrained, you can be WAY better with women than guys who are assholes. Continue reading “No More Mr. Nice Guy?”

Introducing “Game On” Video Series

I want to take a few minutes to introduce my online video course I’m titling “Game On.”  The purpose of this video course is simple.  I’m going to help you get laid with  REAL women.  This isn’t a course where I talk about love, or relationships, or marriage.  This is me cutting through the bullshit and getting right to the stuff that matters.  The stuff you guys want to know about.  I’m going to teach you how to be  THE man that women WANT to be with.

The A-Z guide to get women from hello to your bed in the most timely and economical fashion possible, AND to keep them in your lives in any capacity you see fit. Continue reading “Introducing “Game On” Video Series”

Pet My Dog

I want to share a little story with you guys.  Now, I’m not super comfortable posting intimate details of my personal life online, but I feel like this story embodies one of the most important reasons a man can and should become good with women.  The funny thing about this story is, as it was happening in real time, I thought NOTHING bout this principle, or “game,” or any type of psychological manipulation.  It was just something that unfolded naturally for me at the time.  It wasn’t until even a couple of days later it occurred to me that anything out of the ordinary had taken place. Continue reading “Pet My Dog”