How To Be Motivated

  1. the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.

Another way to put it:

  1. the “thing” that makes a “person” want to take an “action.”

Let’s dig a little deeper into this “thing” called motivation.  You could say motivation is the difference between high achievers and lazy fucks.  The difference between those of us who accomplish goals and others who simply don’t/can’t/won’t.

So the deeper question becomes why do some of us “have it,” and others don’t?  Is it possible to get if we don’t have it now?  If so, how the fuck do we get it? Is it really necessary for success, or can I achieve goals with some kind of substitute for motivation?

Here’s my opinion:

In the context of achieving goals, motivation is bullshit.

Motivation is a FEELING, and we all know feelings are fleeting.  You know exactly what I’m talking about if you’ve ever made a new year’s resolution that you didn’t stick to.  I KNOW most of us have paid for a 6 month contract gym membership that we used exactly 5 days during the first week of January.  Don’t try to bullshit me, I see all of you “lazy” fucks every year at my gym wandering around looking lost as fuck and using “my” equipment all wrong.

So, for the last few months of the year, your pants that you just bought last year (cause you had to size up) are getting uncomfortably tight. That belly is hanging down over your junk, and now you really can’t stand what you see looking back at you in the mirror.  That feeling right there is motivation.  You’ve known for some time now that you NEED to make a change, but now, now you “feel” it.  So far, motivation is legit.  It got you off your ass and got your credit card out of your pocket to pay for that gym membership.

Now, you wake up early and get to the gym to start your “workout,” but you soon realize you have no fucking clue what you’re supposed to be doing.  You “feel” out of place.  You “feel” intimidated by all the “gym bros” (like me) watching you make an ass of yourself.  So, maybe you get online and look up a workout.  Maybe you accidentally find a good beginner routine, and now you’ve got it.

You go to the gym armed with the surefire way to build rock hard muscle and sculpt chiseled abs.  You are CONVINCED this is the path to success.  You are convinced this will make you much happier.  You are MOTIVATED.  You feel this in your being.

The next day, you wake up early again, BUT, today you fucking hurt.  I mean, your muscles are on fire.  But, hey, you’re “motivated” right?  So you probably make it a few more days on your perfect abs diet and Hercules workout routine, but slowly, oh so slowly, you start to lose that feeling.

The pain and effort are high, but your results are low to non-existent.  Now, you’re starting to “feel” duped.  This high powered perfect workout and diet plan you bought works for “everyone.”  You read all the reviews. So maybe, just maybe, you start to “feel” like you may be doing something wrong.

You go online to “research” what you could possibly be doing wrong, only to find the next “expert” says the opposite of your “expert,” and now you “feel” pissed.

Your initial motivation to work out (that was the “feeling” of looking like shit) has now been replaced by different feelings.  Feelings of pain and exhaustion motivate you to stay in bed and sleep that extra hour instead of getting up for your workout.  Feelings of uncertainty and self consciousness in the gym motivate you to stay home instead.  Feelings of disappointment from lack of results motivate you to eat delicious junk food instead of “suffering” through another “healthy” meal.

Fuck can I ramble.  All that to say, feelings change.  Usually pretty fucking quickly.  Sometimes on a minute by minute basis.  So, if motivation is just a feeling, how the fuck is it going to be sustainable?  How do “successful” people do it?


2 things:

  • Belief
  • Inertia


You absolutely have to have a belief in yourself.  A belief that you CAN accomplish the particular goal.  You also have to believe in the process.  Most of us also have to believe we are working in the most efficient way possible as well.  It stands to reason.  If, at any time, you start to believe the ACTIONS you are performing (which are taking real time and effort on your part) are NOT moving you forward, it’s extraordinarily hard to continue taking them.

That’s what’s happening in the workout scenario above.  You start to “feel” as if your “plan” isn’t efficient.  Instead of continuing to execute, and/or work through it, you cease taking action at all.

Here’s the thing, an “imperfect plan” perfectly executed will still get you to your goal, BUT even a perfect plan without execution is sure to fail.

The “belief” part is where I come in.  That’s what I’m here for.  Trust me, If I can do this shit, ANYONE can.  I’m just a “normal” guy.  I don’t have any special “motivation” super powers.  I have days I feel like shit.  Days I’d rather eat pizza and drink beer than go to the gym.  BUT, I know when I believe in the process.  When I believe in myself, AND I put in the work, I’m going to accomplish what ever it is that I want.  I may not get there in a straight line, or the most efficient way possible, but I know as long as I don’t STOP, I’ll get there.

That’s where the power of inertia comes in.


Inertia is a sciency term.  I love sciency shit.  In fact, I’m gonna science the shit out of this post right now.


Inertia:  It’s Sir Isaac Newton’s first law of motion, and it states:  an object at rest tends to stay at rest, and an object in motion tends to stay in motion.

Come on guys, we all know this is true in life.  Getting going is the hardest part.  It takes a SHITLOAD of effort to start pushing your deadbeat buddy’s car to the gas station, but once it’s rolling, it’s pretty easy to keep it going.

Reaching goals is just like that.  Sometimes it’s hard as fuck to get moving, but once you do, it’s way easier to just keep on rolling.  At least until something comes up and knocks that momentum out from under us.  HMM, something like a feeling that you aren’t being efficient in your work?

For dudes who are successful, sure, that feeling comes often, but, it’s like a pebble under the tire of our buddy’s car.

Why is your feeling a fucking boulder?

Pro tip:  Find someone who has already done what it is you want to do and copy the fuck out of them.  That way you KNOW when you start to feel like your pushing that car over a boulder, it’s just a pebble dude.  And the ONLY way that little pebble is going to stop you, is if YOU completely STOP pushing.

And that, my friend, is a choice.  NOT a feeling.

Until next time, here’s to being THE man.


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