What To Do If She Stops Texting You Back


Stop being a pussy, and leave her the fuck alone.

You’ve already fucked shit up by being a “text buddy.”  By being too available, you’ve communicated to her that you really don’t have anything better going on in your life.  You’ve already proven that you are a man of “low value.”

High value men, don’t have time to sit around and “chit chat” with women.  They are busy busting ass on life’s challenges, working on their mission, or leading an interesting life.

There are exactly TWO reasons to text a woman.

  1.  setting up a date/sex
  2. working out logistics for a date/sex

Period.  End of Story.

If she’s stopped replying to your texts, it’s time to move on.  Learn from your mistakes, and do better with the next one.  She isn’t “the one.”  In fact, there isn’t a “the one.”  There are literally BILLIONS of women in the world.  If she doesn’t want to have sex with you, one of the others will.

Until next time, here’s to being THE MAN.


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