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TheAlphaWithin : A.J.

20161111_143749Here’s the deal.  I could make you muddle through a semi-long and boring “history of my life,” but, it really wouldn’t do either of us much good.  The pretty mundane truth is I considered myself a “normal” dude.  I had normal hard working parents.  Was raised in a normal lower middle class small town upbringing.  Followed the normal “path to success” by getting my college education.  I got married at about the same time as all my normal friends.  I followed all the normal rules for obtaining the classic “American dream.”  All the while, completely convinced that this was the path to happiness. I followed the plan exactly as it had been laid out for me by society.  I was a good man, and as such, I did what was expected of me, but for some reason I never could quite find “happy.”

Have you ever felt like something was missing from your life?  Have you ever felt like you were living in a dream?  Not your dream, but someone else’s.  Almost as if you were a ship without an engine, helplessly drifting along at the whims of the wind and ocean current.  That’s precisely the feeling I endured for almost 2 decades.

I endured the feeling for as long as I possible could because by all normal measures, my life was good.  I endured the feeling until finally, I could no longer stand the man I saw looking back at me in the mirror.  I hated the man I saw before me.  He was fat, (almost 300 Lbs), and lazy.

My first order of business was to get back into shape.  I mean, for fuck’s sake, I used to be a damn collegiate athlete.  I set a goal to get back to my college football playing weight of 220 lbs.  It took me a full year to hit that goal, but some amazing things happened along the way.

Absolutely my transformation began as strictly physical, but it would turn out to completely change not just my physical appearance, but my mental and spiritual being as well. The journey forced me to learn how to take ownership and responsibility for everything in my life.  The good, bad, and ugly.  But, there’s a power in that.  Achieving success in a department that I had previously considered “out of my control,” taught me that I was the master of my own fate.

Simply put, I can decide what I want out of life, and all I have to do is take appropriate ACTION to bring it to fruition.

I had to take stock in every area of my life, and when I did, I realized that many other things needed to change.  My marriage was the typical sitcom marriage.  She called all the shots, and controlled everything in my life.  Sex was a constant source of conflict, and she was quite content without it.  Even though I sincerely loved this woman, I was unable to open her eyes to the fact that I needed more freedom, and sexual fulfillment in order to be truly happy.  It was a tough decision, but neither one of us could deny I was a completely different man than the one she married.  I had to move on.

But today, as I write these words, I’m 1000 times happier.  I look better than I ever have in my life.  I am secure in my finances, & have succeeded in setting up the kind of relationships with women that allow me to maintain my freedom while still being sexually fulfilled.

Through this, I believe, I have found my calling.  To help other men cut through the societal bullshit that keeps us locked up in our own mental prison.  Become free from the shackles of life not lived, & fulfill their dreams as I am fulfilling mine.